Harry Potter Vs. the Bible: Can Christians read Harry Potter? Pt. 2

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Christian themes in Harry Potter 



Throughout Harry Potter, there are dozens of themes that could be considered Christian.  A good begining to this subject would be to discuss the resurrection themes within Harry Potter.  One form of magic used in the series is a kind of atoning sacrifice.  We are told that by an ancient form of magic, if one individual sacrifices themselves for another, that fellow human,(or humans) will be spared.  This magic is first used in the very first book.  When the wicked Lord Voldermort comes to kill Harry, Harry’s mother dies for him, and when Voldermort attempts to destroy Harry the curse rebounds, banishing Voldermort to a spirit form for many years.

This magic is also used in the final book.  Harry sacrifices himself(for many reasons,) and when he dies he finds himself in an imaginary King’s Cross Station with Dumbledore.  Dumbledore tells Harry that he can go back, and that he must return to fully defeat Voldermort.  When Harry does go back, he finds that Voldermort does not have the power to kill his friends because Harry has died for them.

Also in the seventh book, the Deathly Hallows are introduced.  The first is a wand that wins any battle, the second an invisibility cloak that never wears out and cannot be revealed by any spell, and the third is a stone that can bring back the dead.  This stone would be a resurrection symbol on its own, but to bring someone back, you turn it three times. Although it may not have been purposeful on Rowling’s part, this is a fascinating parallel to the fact that Jesus was in the grave three days. Dumbledore tells Harry in the aforementioned King’s Cross Station scene, that he attempted to posses these items, but could not. He then tells Harry that the true owner of the Deathly Hallows is Harry himself, because he would not pursue them in an attempt to control death.  Dumbledore tells Harry that he, Harry, is the true master of death because he did not fear death, much like Christ.

Another symbol of resurrection exists in Dumbledore’s pet bird, Fawkes, a phoenix, who is reborn each time he dies.  Harry hears Fawkes singing after Dumbledore dies.

And when Harry fights Voldermort at the end of the fourth book, he causes those Voldermort has killed to come out of Voldermort’s wand, in a kind of ghost-form, similar to the form of those who come from the resurrection stone, another nod to a resurrection.

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