The Thief Lord: Book Review

The Thief Lordthief lord

Cornelia Funke

Scholastic Publishing, 2000

Every year, over Memorial Day weekend, my family goes to our cities’ garage sales. I quite enjoy this and usually I find a number of books while searching garage sale tables. This year one book I found was called  The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke. I had previously read some of Funke’s works, and enjoyed the story-lines immensely. I had read her Inkheart series, but ended up putting it down before finishing because there was much unnecessary swearing. I had also read Dragon Rider and had a much more favorable experience with it. All this aside, a few days after I brought the book home, I ended up picking it up one afternoon, and found the plot rather enchanting, I finished quickly and enjoyed it very much.
Plot Overview
The plot revolves around a group of five orphans, living in Venice. Two of the orphans, Prosper and Bo, are running away from a cruel aunt and uncle, who have been housing them since their parents died. The thief lord steals for these orphans to feed and clothe them. As the book progresses, Prosper and Bo’s aunt and uncle send a detective to find them, and a secret of the thief lord is suddenly unveiled.


The orphans tend to have a rather flippant view of theft, and take it as a run of the line event.  This is not overly present within the book, and would not raise questions with readers of any age.

Christian Analyzation/ Age Appropriateness/Readability
The orphans’ main supply of food comes from stealing; swearing is not used but slang such as darn and heck appear frequently, especially toward the end of the book..

Final Thoughts
This book is a great read for all ages and has a wonderful story-line, a good read for those who love adventure, literature, or Venice.


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